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After searching for online dive shops, most of them based in the United States, I came across the which is based in Calgary. I was pleasantly surprised as their inventory exceeded the others by a good margin. They are an authorized dealer for most of the name brands and they even have a great selection of previously-used scuba and snorkelling gear.
Their customer interaction and correspondence was phenomenal with my $270 purchase having been shipped out to me the same day, free from shipping charges. I have been diving for quite a few years and this will definitely be my go-to dive shop from now on. Good job and thanks again for your honest advice and assistance with my purchase.
I live in Virginia and could not find some prescription lenses for a dive mask while searching online except for Calgary Scuba ( I called them up and they could not believe there was not someone closer that carried what I needed. I sent them the information and in about 2 hours they found a place only 2 hours from me that carried the item and sent me their info.
Talk about an honest and customer oriented store. They put my needs before a sale. I wish they were closer to me and I would go to them for all my diving needs.